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Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Today was a beautiful day.  It was 60 degrees when I took Avah to preschool at 9 am.  It was quite windy out as well.  I stirpped the beds, washed all the sheets and hung them out on the clothesline.

John came home for lunch so after he ate, Avah and I walked him back to work.  Yes, we WALKED him back to work.  It is so incredibly nice to be so close to his work now.  One would think that I'm crazy as I say that but really, it's not bad.  You see, for the first approximately 26 months of our married life, he drove 2 hours EACH way to work EVERYDAY.  In rain, snow, sleet....whatever.  He then got moved to Columbus and then to Marion which cut his drive in half each time.  It's so nice that he's able to pop in at lunch and is home nearly on time everynight.  The kids are so happy about this.

After dinner, the whole family went for a walk toward the cow barns.  Toby got to go and was so happy to run, run, run.  He's getting so much better at being off his leash.....

When we got home, it was homework time and then bed.  Jude had another "yellow" day so he had an extra paper to do.  He's been having a ruff way to go lately in which we are trying to remedy....Pray for me.....

Good Night......

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  1. New reader --- My name is Amanda...saw your post in Diaperswappers... Are you from Indiana? (I saw Columbus and Marion) ... I grew up in Seymour..