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Monday, March 14, 2011

Darn the doughnut!!!

So, as I was out today getting required items for John's birthday dinner, I remember that he told me that they brought him doughnuts at work this am.  This made me think and think and think about doughnuts so, while I was at Merijer, I picked up one of these:

Now, while I am not proud nor happy with myself for doing this, I did manage to somewhat, redeem myself this afternoon by getting on the treadmill and accomplishing this:

And finally, for John's birtday dinner, we made Stuffed Chicken which is 4 points a serving on WW.  It has fresh spinach, sauteed onions and feta cheese in it.  It was very yummy but not the easiest thing to make.

That's it for the big birthday celebration at our house.  John isn't much for a big to do.....

Off to do homework and get the kiddies in bed.....

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